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White Faced Capuchin
At Villa Toucan guests are commonly visited by three species of monkeys: the howler, the white faced capuchin and the colored or spider monkey. The spider monkey is not very common, but we have been spotting at higher frequencies recently.

The howler monkey, locally referred to as the 'congo' is certainly the monkey that will awaken you every morning! It is also the most common and noticeable monkey in Costa Rica. For a relatively small sized monkey, it's howl sounds like a large lion. It feeds on leaves and fruits and does not descend out of the trees.

The white faced capuchin monkey is certainly the cutest and most interactive. It is much more curious than the howler and can entertain passerby's for hours with their stunts and adorable facial expressions. They eat everything from bugs to leaves and fruits.

In Costa Rica, monkeys are not known to come into people's houses. During your stay at Villa Toucan, you WILL encounter monkeys many times, but never in any danger.

A male howler monkey seen behind the guest house
Cute capuchin
Congo howler

Capuchin White Faced Monkey


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