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3 Toed Sloth crossing the street
On Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast there are large amounts of sloths. Both the 2-toed and the 3-toed sloths live here. In fact, sloths outnumber monkeys in the rainforest. There are more sloths per acre than there are monkeys, but since they are so slow and discreet, we hardly ever notice them.

Sloths do have a favorite tree that they like to eat the leaves from. This tree is called the guarumo. The owners of Villa Toucan have planted over 50 guarumos on the property, thus providing plenty of food and habitat for the sloths. The guarumos also provide for and attract numerous toucans!
Sloth hanging out
2 Toad sloth hanging upside down
Sloth climbing

Sloth in the jungle


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