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Is the house rented as a house or do you rent each bedroom separately?

Whether you will occupy one or both bedrooms, you rent the ENTIRE house for yourself. You will not share part of the house with anyone else.

Can we use a credit card to pay?
We do not accept credit cards. However, through Paypal, you may use your credit card. We accept payments through Paypal, bank deposits, wire transfer, traveler's checks - or cash. There is also bank with an ATM in Puerto Viejo for cash withdrawals.

How many beds come with the house?
The house comes with 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a queen sized bed. The second bedroom can be converted from a king size bed to 2 twin sized beds.

What is the maximum amount of guests in the house?
The house can sleep up to 4 adults or children. Under special circumstances, we may be able to provide a small mattress for small additional children.

Does the house have electricity?
Most of the time! Yes, the house does come with electricity and lights and hot water. During unexpected times, the power CAN go out, but we have backup lanterns and the stove and hot water are gas operated - so life goes on!

Do we need a car to get to Villa Toucan?
Although not required, a car is highly recommended! We are located on top of two steep hills 800 meters from the main road. Guests CAN walk up and down, but you'll be much happier if you have car. A 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended.  Scooters can make it to the property. There are several scooter rentals available in town.

Are there a lot of bugs?
At times yes, and at other times - not at all. This depends on the weather and season. The first few days may take some getting used to - but after a while you'll get used to them. Almost none of the bugs actually bite. The bedrooms are protected with screens - and thus bug free! There are almost no mosquitoes - although we are in the rainforest. Dengue or malaria are not a problem here.

Is the house safe?
Yes, Villa Toucan is probably one of the SAFEST locations in our area. Because of the relative remoteness and difficulty getting up here - safety is not an issue! The region itself is safe from crime - but petty theft can be a problem near the beach. The house has a secret safe where you can keep a few valuables locked up. You should always be careful with your belongings when going to the beach or traveling on the bus.

Can we shop for food near the Villa?
Yes, we have a small 'pulperia' just 1 kilometer down the road. The pulperia is a small general store - tico style - where you can find basic foods from drinks to rice and pasta and beer and spices. There are other markets slightly further away offering anything you might desire! There are also plenty of excellent restaurants between Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo for you to enjoy.

Is breakfast included with the house?
No, at this time we do not offer breakfast. However, it may be an option. If you would like breakfast, we may be able to arrange it several days a week for a small additional charge.

How far is the house from the beach?
We are located about 1500 yards from the nearest beach. This is about a 2 minute drive or a 10-15 minute hike. There are many other beautiful beaches just minutes to the north and south that you'll want to visit.

I hear it rains a lot. Is this true?
We do live in a rainforest - so yes, you most likely will experience some rain. We do not have a clear cut 'dry season' like on the Pacific Coast. That being said, it is sunny almost every day - and odds are very high that you will see much more sunshine then rain. The rain brings out the best of the wildlife and beauty of the rainforest - so you'll probably want to experience a few tropical downpours!



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